White Fields Overseas Evangelism

WHEAT FIELDS Another of the missions supported by First Christian Church of Golden City is, “White Fields Overseas Evangelism”.  White Fields was begun by Reggie Thomas in the Spring of 1966.  FCC is privileged to be associated with such a great work in spreading the Gospel.

Today there are 16 American evangelists and 1 Australian evangelist associated with White Fields.  White Fields evangelists pray daily for the 12,000 unreached people groups of the world that they might have the opportunity to hear the Gospel and be saved; that there will be a church planted where they live; and that God’s Word in their language might be in their hands.

One of the fascinating things developed by White Fields is a World Prayer Map.  This map shows the reached and unreached nations of the world.  I’m convinced every Church should have one of these maps and consistently spend time praying for these many unreached nations.

White Fields Overseas Evangelism continues to make it their goal to spread the Gospel to every nation and FCC of Golden City agrees with that goal and support it through our prayers and financial support each month.

White Fields also began an orphanage ministry in 1978 and now supports six orphanages around the world.  The work teams White Fields sends out have built 157 churches all over the world, and continue to be responsible for thousands of baptisms every year as souls come to Jesus.