Centershot Archery







Thank You for Coming to Check Us Out!

We are extremely excited to be offering Centershot Archery to Golden City and all of our surrounding communities! Here you should find answers to any questions about who we are and what we do. If you still have questions after reading through this FAQS page, please feel free to contact us!

What Is Centershot Archery All About?

Centershot Archery is an outreach ministry of the First Christian Church of Golden City and is open to anyone ages 10 through adult. We offer NASP International Style Archery instruction and shooting that strictly adhere to all NASP guidelines and rules. There is no other sport growing faster than archery and here at FCC Golden City Centershot Archery we combine this sport with teaching solid biblical principles that will last a lifetime!

When Are the Classes?

Three new classes started April 23, 2017 that are currently underway now. You can still enroll yourself or your child to a class and we will put that person on the waiting list for the next classes.

Class Structure

Our classes are based on age/grade levels. We also offer a Ladies Only class. Each class lasts 8 weeks runs approximately 1 1/2 hours per class for 8 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Centershot an outdoor/hunting ministry?

A. No. Centershot teaches NASP style archery currently taught in shools.

Q. Can kids bring their own bows?

A. For safety reason, we typically only use own FCC Golden City Centershot Original Genesis Bows. However, if a student wishes to purchase an approved bow we will allow them to bring it to class, where it will be inspected to assure it is legal per NASP rules.

Q. Can we use/bring any other archery equipment from home?

A. The only equipment that can be brought will be legal shooting gloves and tabs. Again they will be inspected to assure they are legal per NASP rules and regulations.

Q: Is previous archery experience needed?

A. No. Previous archery experience is not needed.

Q: What is the cost for the course?

A. Our Centershot Archery program is free. As you can imagine, FCC Golden City has a large investment for this program, and we would welcome  any donations.

Q: Are the archery instructors trained?

A: Yes, all of our archery instructors are required to attend training sessions. 

Q: Where will this be held?

A: Centershot Archery will be held in the FCC Golden City Gymnasium (Family Life Center).

Q. It involves real bows and arrows and targets. Is it Safe?

A. Yes safety is at the forefront of our program. All of our archery instructors are trained and will teach in a safe and fun environment. Our shooting area is closely monitored for each participant and includes an arrow stop safety net and all equipment is carefully inspected before each meeting. We will be  NASP safety rules compliant.

Class Size

Class sizes will vary, however, our goal is to keep our instructor to participant ratio as low as possible. We look forward to opportunity to build personal relationships with our students as they begin this exciting venture.